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Visual Composer Extensions makes it easy for you to embed a Vimeo video on your page. You can show the video in a lightbox or embed it directly. There are also a variety of triggers available to call the lightbox.

Vimeo Video Features:

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  • Embed video directly into page via iframe or show in lightbox
  • Includes multiple trigger options for lightbox (image, buttons, icons, text only, custom code)
  • Player is provided and controlled by Vimeo
  • Option to autoplay video
  • Option to loop video once it has finished
  • Add tooltip to direct video or lightbox trigger

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The Vimeo player is only able to play PUBLIC Vimeo videos without any restrictions, when using the lightbox option. If your video is set to be hidden on “vimeo.com” or set to private, the add-on will not be able to retrieve a video thumbnail and/or play the video. If the video is embedded directly via iFrame and the appropriate settings have been made in Vimeo to unlock the domain the video is shown on, the video might play but it is advised to only use public videos with this element.

This add-on includes only a basic Vimeo player routine (after all, the Vimeo elements is just one element out of many) and is not set up to handle or overcome video restrictions imposed through Vimeo. To use videos from Vimeo Plus or Pro accounts, we recommend utilizing specialized video plugins as such usage is beyond the scope of this add-on.

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Direct iFrame Embed

[TS-VCSC-Spacer height=”20″][TS-VCSC-Vimeo content_vimeo=”https://vimeo.com/28164488″]

Image Lightbox Trigger

[TS-VCSC-Spacer height=”20″][TS-VCSC-Vimeo content_vimeo=”https://vimeo.com/28164488″ content_lightbox=”true” content_vimeo_trigger=”image” content_vimeo_image=”21982″ content_vimeo_title=”This is a Vimeo Video” overlay_background=”rgba(24,24,24,0.3)” overlay_title_back=”rgba(0,0,0,0.4)”]

Button Lightbox Triggers

[TS-VCSC-Spacer height=”20″][TS-VCSC-Vimeo content_vimeo=”https://vimeo.com/28164488″ content_lightbox=”true” content_vimeo_trigger=”winged” content_vimeo_title=”This is a Vimeo Video” content_vimeo_subtitle=”Click image to view video”][TS-VCSC-Spacer height=”20″][TS-VCSC-Vimeo content_vimeo=”https://vimeo.com/28164488″ content_lightbox=”true” content_vimeo_trigger=”simple”][TS-VCSC-Spacer height=”20″][TS-VCSC-Vimeo content_vimeo=”https://vimeo.com/28164488″ content_lightbox=”true” content_vimeo_trigger=”flaticon” content_vimeo_icon=”fa fa-video-camera” content_vimeo_buttonstyle=”ts-dual-buttons-color-peter-river-flat” content_vimeo_buttonhover=”ts-dual-buttons-preview-belize-hole-flat ts-dual-buttons-hover-belize-hole-flat” content_vimeo_title=”This is a Vimeo Video”][TS-VCSC-Spacer height=”20″][TS-VCSC-Vimeo content_vimeo=”https://vimeo.com/28164488″ content_lightbox=”true” content_vimeo_trigger=”flat” content_vimeo_buttonstyle=”ts-dual-buttons-color-wet-asphalt-flat” content_vimeo_buttonhover=”ts-dual-buttons-preview-midnight-blue-flat ts-dual-buttons-hover-midnight-blue-flat” content_vimeo_title=”This is a Vimeo Video”]
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