Icon Wall

[TS-VCSC-Icon-Title title=”Icon Wall Features” align=”center” font_family=”Default:regular” size=”48″ font_weight=”300″ highlight_allow=”true” highlight_color=”#2691bd” highlight_strings=”RmVhdHVyZXM=” el_file1=”” el_file2=””][TS_VCSC_Fancy_List list_type=”image” marker_image=”http://tekanewascripts.com/vcextensions/wp-content/plugins/ts-visual-composer-extend/images/bullets/bullet_arrow_blue.png” content_margin=”10″]

  • Fully responsive
  • 4 different icon sizes based on breakpoints
  • Auo-Rotation feature
  • Use tooltip for each icon to show content title
  • Full tinyMCE editor to provide content for each section
  • Extended style settings to control colors for standard, hover and active icons
  • Add hover or infinite CSS3 animation to icons


[TS-VCSC-Spacer height=”20″ el_file=””][TS-VCSC-Icon-Title title=”Icon Wall Demo” align=”center” font_family=”Default:regular” size=”48″ font_weight=”300″ highlight_allow=”true” highlight_color=”#2691bd” highlight_strings=”SWNvbiUyQyUyMFdhbGw=” el_file1=”” el_file2=””][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Container][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-archive” animation_type=”infinite” animation_class=”flash” css3animations_in=”Flash” title=”80+ New Elements”]

This plugin includes over 80 new elements for your Visual Composer, some more complex than others. From image galleries, lightboxes, popups, counters & countdowns, buttons and so much more … it will be hard for you NOT to find what you are looking for.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-arrows” title=”Extended Row & Column Settings”]

As if all those new elements aren’t enough yet, the plugin also includes the option to extend row and column settings with more features, allowing you to add different background types, row separators and row/column animations to every page.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-language” title=”Translation Ready”]

Every text string the plugin uses on the frontend can be translated or changed in the settings options, allowing you to easily localize those text strings.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-font” title=”Google Fonts Manager”]

Sometimes, standard fonts are just not enough. Which is why this plugin includes a Google Fonts Manager, giving you access to over 600 additional fonts. You can even built a set of favorite fonts for quicker access.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-certificate” title=”Built-In Icon Fonts”]

This plugin includes 16 built-in icon fonts, giving you access to over 4,600 different icons. It will also give you access to the WordPress internal icon font “Dashicons”, which includes another 201 icons. And if that’s not enough for you, you can even upload a custom icon font (processed through the online IcoMoon app).

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-gift” animation_type=”infinite” animation_class=”bounce” css3animations_in=”Bounce” title=”Freebies”]

Licensed buyers that register in our “Help & Support Forum“, will also get access to our “Freebies” page, where you can download all past and current releases of the plugin, XML demo files, and some collections of icon images and photos that we used throughout our demo site.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-cubes” title=”Modular Framework”]

This plugin is big … with more than 80 new elements and many other features, it should provide you with everything you could ever need. But you won’t need all of it, so you can easily disable elements and features, which in return will improve performance.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-file-text-o” title=”Custom Post Types”]

This plugin includes multiple custom post types, which are designed to provide data for some of the included elements. All custom post types can be imported and exported, just like any other post type in WordPress.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-shopping-cart” title=”WooCommerce Elements”]

For those of you that use the popular “WooCommerce” plugin on their site, this plugin will also provide some additional elements for Visual Composer to better highlight and display your products.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-life-ring” animation_type=”infinite” animation_class=”spin” css3animations_in=”Spin” title=”Dedicated Support Forum”]

We stand behind our products and want you to get the most out of them. But sometimes, problems or questions come up, which is where our “Help & Support Forum” is there to help you.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-link” title=”Single Page Navigator”]

As bonus, the plugin includes a dedicated element to easily build a one-page navigation bar, that will be shown along with your standard page menu, allowing you to either link (scroll) to sections on your site or open internal or external pages as well.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-columns” title=”Sidebar Widget Builder”]

Visual Composer does not provide any options to use any of its features or elements inside a sidebar. With its “Sidebar Widget Builder” tool, this plugin will fill that gap, by providing you with a dedicated post type to create sidebar content, and a new widget to add that content to any sidebar.

[/TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item][TS_VCSC_Icon_Wall_Item icon=”ts-awesome-css3″ title=”70+ CSS3 Animations”]

Many of the elements that are part of this plugin are designed to utilize so-called CSS3 animations. That’s why we included over 70 of those animations, so you can select the one that works best for you and the element in question.